1. Do I need a Permit?

The short answer is, no, you do not, but as with most things there are exceptions. While building codes do not typically require a permit for unattached, modular, non-structural units attached to the ground, and less than 100 square feet, some towns still want to know. This would be a question for your local building department.

2. Will my unit withstand hot or cold climates?

AVCON Enclosures are specifically designed with components engineered for a variety of climates. Entering its fourth decade in the manufacturing industry, AVCON has participated in and witnessed tremendous advancement in vinyl (plastic) technologies. Our wall panels are made with a specific vinyl. Like all materials and products, there are good, better, and best options. Vinyl is not an exception. AVCON prides itself in using only materials that best meet the need. To understand the challenge, it is important it realize that plastics are made from precisely measured and formulated ingredients. These are repeatable “recipes”. Each recipe is designed for a particular end use. The variety of plastic “recipes” are almost endless. Just name all the things you know which are made from plastic! Choosing the best recipe for your end use, like most items, is a balance between cost and quality. AVCON only uses vinyl best suited for extreme fluctuations in atmospheric conditions, without cost being the driving force.

3. Isn’t part of AVCON Enclosures made with metal, not vinyl?

That is true, and for good reasons. Vinyl offers excellent weathering characteristics and even strength, but AVCON wants your unit to be even stronger. We use only T-6063 heavy gauge aluminum for all headers, posts and to support a floor, when specified. This ensures our enclosures are stronger than that of other manufactures.

4. How long does the finish last? Should I be concerned about rust?

A process of electrostatically charging all aluminum parts, then introducing an opposite charged “powder” causes the aluminum and powder to bond to each other creating a finish that looks like paint however is much better. As with vinyl, there is again a good, a better and best quality of power. Our powder coating is an AAMA 2604 guaranteed to never rust, or flake. This means you will have a complete structure with the outdoor weatherability you need and should expect. See question #11 to learn more.

5. How will AVCON Enclosures withstand high winds?

You can have confidence that if installed as instructed, your AVCON Enclosure shower kit will withstand high winds. Openings in the enclosure assist in allowing wind to passthrough increasing its resistance to wind damage. Of course, there are extreme winds that no structure can withstand. Also, as explained, keep in mind the structural metal frame which is an integral of the AVCON unit. Being a modular and portable structure, if extreme winds are forecast, such as a hurricane, the unit can be unbolted from the surface it is mounted to and placed within a garage or other building structure.

6. Who installs the units?

That is your choice. If you or someone you know have basic mechanical skills, there will be no issues with installing your shower kit unit yourself. You can always, if you prefer, hire a contractor. If you know how to use a drill and an electric screwdriver this is a perfect DIY (Do it Yourself) project. We will provide you with detailed written installation instructions helping you follow the step-by- step procedures to complete your installation.

7. I have a shower head already attached to my home. Can I purchase a unit without a rear wall and continue to use the shower faucet I have?

Yes, you can. Simply review our shower kit, locker & cabana kit model types and chose the one suited for your needs.

outdoor shower kit8. I need a shower with my unit. How is the plumbing installation handled?

If you have hot and cold hose bibs near the location, you or a plumber can simply attach to the shower. If not, you or your plumber will need to run a hot and a cold line near to where the unit will be installed. You can use any shower kit you choose. As an option, AVCON can provide the shower kit already installed. It will come ready to attach to your hot and cold hose bibs. The one wall panel where the shower goes is removable making for easy access to winterize or store away in the winter months if you live in a colder climate.

9. I am concerned about privacy. Can someone see in? Can the unit be locked?

Seeing in will not be an issue from above if you are using our louvered roof system. The roof is designed with louvers that can be turned away from the “line of sight” insuring your privacy. Each unit has its own lockset and 2 keys. The enclosure can also be locked from within with the built-in tab.

10. Are the Units attached to my home? Must they be?

AVCON Enclosure shower kits are self-supporting and free standing. They can be attached to your home, but they do not need to be.

11. What is your Warranty?

AVCON, LLC. offers a limited lifetime warranty to the purchaser of its outdoor enclosure against defects in workmanship and materials and in the course of normal and proper use, it’s aluminum/vinyl parts will not crack, peel, blister, flake, rust nor be subject to abnormal weathering per AAMA 2604 Specifications and as per ASTM F964 Specifications. A written copy of our complete warranty will be supplied to you.