Architectural Drawings: Outdoor Shower Kits, Locker Kits & Cabana Kits


outdoor shower kitAVCON Enclosures is an outdoor shower company that manufactures the highest quality outdoor shower kits, including bathroom, locker & cabana kit solutions, for homes and the hospitality industry! In the technical outdoor enclosure product detail that follows below “S” denotes a Single Unit Shower Kit drawing; “D” denotes a Double Unit Kit drawing and “C” a typical Cabana Unit Kit drawing. All shower kit units are available in 36” and 46” widths. “For all possible kit configurations please see our  “Shower Kit Models” page.

Our outdoor shower kits (locker and cabana kits too) are made from aluminum, decking and, the highest quality vinyl materials. Our experience with materials in the harshest environments, including abuse caused by wind, rain, salt atmospheres, and “human use” has led to our creation of the most durable backyard & outdoor enclosure products for the home. And folks, all our products are proudly made in the USA!



Outdoor Shower Kit Drawings:

Single Unit Outdoor Shower Kit Drawings

Double Unit Outdoor Shower Kit Drawings

Outdoor Cabana Kit Drawings

You Can Trust Avcon Enclosures

You can be assured of the carefree enjoyment, the quality of our products, and the warranties backed by AVCON. When the need may arise, any warranty is only as good as the company behind it. AVCON, well into our fourth decade, has the experience and will be there when needed.

Longevity is only one facet of a company’s character. It is the employees by their commitments, actions, and loyalty that make any company what it is. From our Management team, Engineering, Sales, Plant, Production, and Shipping departments, AVCON has trusted employees who have been with the company since inception, while others boast of 25 years, 20 years, 15 years, 10 years, etc. and growing. All at AVCON will continue to provide our customers with exemplary service and superior products.

As the top outdoor shower kit producer, we are seeking to partner with companies (or the building supply dealers) who are excellent at what they do best, servicing their markets and customers. If you are a Distributor of Building supplies or remodeling products, a Plumbing Distributor, in the Pool or Landscaping industry, or otherwise service a market that would benefit from our Outdoor Enclosure kits, we would like to speak with you.

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